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Indian Polity Premium Lecture Notes - Lavanya Edition

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Indian Polity Premium Lecture Notes - Lavanya Edition

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Indian Polity Premium Lecture Notes - Lavanya Edition


Indian Polity Premium Lecture Notes Prepared by Lavanya. Useful for TNPSC Exam Preparations.

Content :

Fundamental rights
Habous corpous
Some basic provision
1. Supremacy of constitution
2. Republic and democratic form of government
3. Secular form
4. Separate of power between executive and judiciary
5. Federal popwer of constitution
6. Dignity of the individual secured by various freedom
7. Mandate
8. Unity and integraty of the nation
9. Parliamentary democracy
10. Limited power of parliament to amend constitution
11. Harmony and balance between fund rights and directive principles
12. Power of judicial reviews
13. Independence of judiciary
Fundamental duties
Parliament in session
Summon of the houses
Presidents address
Short notice question
Half an hour discussion
Zero hour
Calling attention notice
Four stages of debate on a motion
1. Moving the motion
2. Proposing the question by speaker or chairman
3. Debate or discussion where permittable
4. Vote or decision of the state
Difference between emotion and resolution
Private member
Government member
Statuatory member
About social issues
Public account committee
Estimates committee
The ministry of parliamentary affairs
Council of ministers (com)
Composition of com
1. Cabinet minister
2. Ministry of state
3. Deputy minister
Members of parliaments
Session of the parliament
Parliamentary proceedings
Zero hour
No confidence motion
Point of order
Difference between ordinary bill money bill
Financial bill
Supreme court
High court

Cat motion
Supplementary grants
Additional grants
Excess grants
Vote of credicts
Exceptional grant
Committee of parliaments
1. Public accounts committee
2. Estimate committee
3. Committee on public undertakings
4. Departmental standing committee
5. Business advisory committee
6. Committee on private member bills
7. Committee on government assurance
8. Committee on welfare of sc and st
9. Committee on rules
10. Committee on priviliges
11. Branch of priviliges
12. Contempt of house
Ethic committee
State legislature
Chief minister
State council of minister


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