080280039 Electrical Machines-II May June 2014 Question Paper

Anna University , Chennai
Question Paper Code : 11234 
Fifth Semester 
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

Time : Three hours 
(Regulation 2008) 

Answer ALL questions. 
PART A — (10 x 2 20 marks) 
1.What is armature reaction and What are its causes? 
2.What are the parameters obtained from Potier triangle in ZPF method? 
3.What are the starting methods of a Synchronous motor? 
4.What is a Synchronous condenser? 
5.Distinguish between Crawling and Cogging in Three Phase Induction motor. 
6.How can an Induction motor be operated as an Induction Generator? 
7.What is. the necessity of starter for starting of a three phase Induction motor? 
8.What are the different starting methods of three phase Induction motor? 
9.What is the use of capacitor in a single phase induction motor? 
10.How is 'step angle' calculated in a stepper motor? 

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Subject Code :080280039
Subject Name :Electrical Machines-II
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    080280039 Electrical Machines-II May June 2014 Question Paper