080280041 Object Oriented Programming Nov Dec 2013 Question Paper

Question Paper Code : 41232 
Fifth Semester 
Electrical and Electronics Engineering OBJECT ORIENTED Programming 
(Common to 080230004 A - Object Oriented Programming for BE. (Part — Time) 
and Electronics Engineering) 
Time : Three hours  
Answer ALL questions. 

PART A  (10 x 2 20 marks) 
1.What are the advantages of object oriented 
2.Why is an array called a derived data type? 
3.How is dynamic initialization of objects achieved? 
4.Give the of destructors. 
5.List out the operators that can not be overloaded. 
6.What is an abstract class? 
7.What is the need for Java Virtual Machine? 
8.Give the significance of final keyword in Java program. 
9.How can you use the feature of multiple inheritance in Java? 
10.If a class is located in a package, what do you need to change in the OS environment to be able to use it? 

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Department :EEE
Semester :05
Subject Code :080280041
Subject Name :Object Oriented Programming
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    080280041 Object Oriented Programming Nov Dec 2013 Question Paper