AU Important Questions & Study Materials Update For Exams on 2nd May 2015 (SAT)

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Important Questions & Study Materials Update

Exams on 2nd May 2015 (Saturday)

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Arrow  Common to all Department

-> GE2021 Environmental Science and Engineering
GE2211 Environmental Science and Engineering QB : AttachmentNotes : Attachment2 Marks : AttachmentQP : Attachment

Arrow B.Arch.

-> AR2501 Professional Practice and Ethics II

Arrow B.Arch.(Interior Design)
-> ID2405 Workshop I - Furniture Design (Carpentry & Metal)

Arrow B.E-Aeronautical Engg. Snack Full Study Materials : Click Here
-> AE2401 Avionics

Arrow B.E-Automobile Engg. Bye1 Full Study Materials : Click Here
-> AT2404 Automotive Pollution And Control

Arrow B.E-Civil Engineering Wall Full Study Materials : Click Here
-> GE2071 Intellectual Property Rights

Arrow B.E-Electrical and Electronics Engg. Lamo Full Study Materials : Click Here
-> CS2071 Computer Architecture
-> EE2451 Electric Energy Generation, Utilization and Conservation

Arrow B.E-Electronics and Instrumentation Engg. Bye1 Full Study Materials : Click Here
-> CS2071 Computer Architecture
(Common to ICE)

Arrow B.E-Manufacturing Engineering
-> ME3402 Mechatronics

Arrow B.E-Mechanical Engineering Snack Full Study Materials : Click Here
-> ME2301 Thermal Engineering

Arrow B.E-Production Engineering
-> PR2029 Engineering Economics and Financial Management

Arrow B.E. Environmental Engineering
-> CE3011 Hydrology

Arrow B.E. Industrial Engineering and Management
-> IM3015 World Class Manufacturing

Arrow B.E. Materials Science and Engineering
-> ML3402 Computer Applications in Materials Science

Arrow B.E. Mechatronics Engineering
-> ME3403 Robotics And Machine Vision System

Arrow B.E. Medical Electronics
-> MD3403 Medical Expert Systems

Arrow B.E. Petrochemical Engineering
-> PM3401 Process Engineering Economics

Arrow B.Tech-Biotechnology
-> BT2401 Downstream Processing

Arrow B.Tech-Chemical Engineering
-> CH2401 Chemical Reaction Engineering II

Arrow B.Tech-Fashion Technology
-> FT2401 Work study in apparel productions

Arrow B.Tech-Petroleum Engineering
-> PE2403 Petroleum Equipment Design

Arrow B.Tech-Plastic Technology
-> PL2404 Plastics Product Design
-> PL2054 Entrepreneurship
-> PL2057 Risk Assessment in Plastics Industry
-> PL2051 Statistical Quality Control Techniques
-> PL2055 Human Resource Management

Arrow B.Tech-Polymer Tech.
-> PT2402 Polymer Blends And Composites

Arrow B.Tech-Textile Tech.
-> TT2403 Bonded Fabrics
-> TT2083 CAD / CAM for Textiles Apparel Products

Arrow B.Tech-Textile Technology (Fashion Technology)
-> FT2401 Work study in apparel production

Arrow B.Tech. Chemical and Electrochemical Engg
-> EL3405 Electrochemical Materials Science

Arrow B.Tech. Pharmaceutical Technology
-> CH3404 Process Dynamics and Control

Arrow B.Tech. Textile Chemistry
-> TC3401 Water and Effluent Treatment and Pollution Control
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2013 regulation most important quations in fourth semester
(29-04-2015, 06:47 AM)Gowtham Yadav Wrote: 2013 regulation most important questions in fourth semester
Regulation 2013 fourth semester Exams start on may 6
so  most important  question  coming soon
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