AU R2004 Applied Thermodynamics Nov Dec 2013 Question Paper

Question Paper Code ; 33578 
Third / Fourth Semester 
Electrical. and Electronics Engineering 
ME 1211 Applied Thermodynamics 
(Common to Instrumentation and Control Engineering)
Time : Three hours
(Regulation : 2008)
(Use of Steam Tables, Psychromefric charts and Heat Transfer Data book are permitted)

Answer ALL Questions
PART A (10 * 2 = 20 marks) 
1.Define Quasi:Static 
2.Write down the SPEE for reciprocating compressor. 
3.Compare the SI and CI engines. 
4.A gas turbine plant receives air at 1 bar and 2909K and compresses it to 5 bar. 
If the temperature of air after compression. is 10000K; find the thermal efficiency of the turbine. 
5.The boiler produces dry and saturated steam at 30 bar. steam expands in the turbine to a condenser pressure of 20 kPa. Calculate the thermal of Rankine cycle for these conditions. 
6.Compare between impulse and reaction turbine. 
7.Estimate the minimum work required to compress 1 kg of air from 1 bar 270C to 16 bar. in two stages, if the law of compression is PV1.25 Constant and the intercooling is perfect. Take R 287 J/kg'K. 
8.Draw the T-s and p.h diagrams for the vapour compression cycle with dry saturated vapour after compression.
9. Consider a plane wall of thickness L. its left face at x = O, is at a Tl and right face at x = L is at temperature T2. The wall has no heat and, its thermal ' conductivity k is assumed constant. Find the T(x) in a wall. 
10.Flow through pipe : D1 = 0.02 m, m = 0.01 kgl/s , mu= 910* 10^-6 Find the now is laminar or turbulent. 

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