AU R2004 EC1261 Electronic circuits May June 2014 Question Paper


Question Paper Code : 53375 
Fourth Semester 
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
(Common to Third Semester; Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and Instrumentation and Control Engineering) 
(Regulation 2004/2007) 
(Common to B.E. (Part-Time) Third Semester,l Electrical and Electronics 
Time : Three hours 
Engineering, Regulation 2005) 
Maximum : 100 marks 

Answer ALL questions. 
PART A (10 x 2 20 marks) 
1.What is the necessary for biasing in BJT amplifiers? 
2.A class A amplifier has zero signal power dissipation of 20 watts. If the ac output power is 5w, find collector efficiency. 
3.Define CMRR. 
4.Draw the frequency response of single tuned amplifier. . 
5.An amplifier has gain of 2000. If feedback ratio is 0.04, find the voltage gain of 
amplifier with negative feedback. 
6.Give the significance of Barkhausen criterion. 
7.How does hysterisis loop in a circuit stables the operation of Schmitt trigger? 
8.Determine the period and frequency of oscillation for an astable multivibrator with component values R1= 2 kilo ohm, RF = 20 kilo ohm, C1 =  0.01 mu F, C2 = 0:05 mu F. 
9.Give the operation of series voltage regulator. 
10. A halfwave. diode rectifier has Vi = 100 sinwt and RL = 900 ohm. Calculate peak load current and dc load current.

Full Name :Arumugam.P
College Name :SNS College of Technology
Department :EEE
Semester :04
Subject Code :EC1261
Subject Name :Electronic circuits
Study Material Description :QP

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