AU R2004 EE1251 Electrical Machines-II Nov Dec 2013 Question Paper


Question Paper Code : 33425 
B.E / B.Tech. Degree Examination, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013. 
Fourth Semester 
Electrical and Enöneering 
(Regulation 2004 / 2007) 
(Common to B.E. (Part-Time) Third Semester — Regulation 2005) 
Time : Three hours 
Max Marks : 100 marks 

Answer ALL questions. 
PART A  (10 x 2 = 20 marks) 
1.What is meant by compounding curve in synchronous generator? 
2.State factors responsible for a change in synchronous generator terminal voltage while feeding isolated load. 
3.Define pull-out torque in synchronous motor. 
4.Define Hunting. with respect to 3 phase synchronous motor. 
5.How can the direction of rotation of three-phase induction motor be reversed? 
6.What is the disadvantage of star delta starting method? 
7.Name the method of speed control used only for slip-ring induction motor. 
8.What is the disadvantage of rotor rheostat speed control method? 
9.How will you change the direction of rotation of a repulsion motor? 
10.Write down any two applications of universal motor. 

Full Name :Arumugam.P
College Name :SNS College Of Technology
Department :EEE
Semester :04
Subject Code :EE1251
Subject Name :Electrical Machines-II
Study Material Description :QP

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