B.E Mechanical Syllabus R2013 (I-IV Year) Syllabus

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R2013 Syllabus Regulation

(I - IV Year Syllabus)

1st Semester :
HS6151 Technical English – I
MA6151 Mathematics – I
PH6151 Engineering Physics – I
CY6151 Engineering Chemistry – I
GE6151 Computer Programming
GE6152 Engineering Graphics

GE6161 Computer Practices Laboratory
GE6162 Engineering Practices Laboratory
GE6163 Physics and Chemistry Laboratory - I

2nd Semester :
HS6251 Technical English – II
MA6251 Mathematics – II
PH6251 Engineering Physics – II
CY6251 Engineering Chemistry – II
GE6252 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineer
GE6253 Engineering Mechanics 

GE6261 Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling 


GE6262 Physics and Chemistry Laboratory - II

3rd Semester :
MA6351 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
CE6306 Strength of Materials
ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics
CE6451 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
ME6302 Manufacturing Technology - I
EE6351 Electrical Drives and Controls

ME6311 Manufacturing Technology Laboratory - I
CE6461 Fluid Mechanics and  Machinery Laboratory
EE6365 Electrical Engineering Laboratory

4th Semester :
MA6452 Statistics and  Numerical Methods
ME6401 Kinematics of Machinery
ME6402 Manufacturing Technology– II
ME6403 Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering
ME6404 Thermal Engineering 

ME6411 Manufacturing Technology Laboratory–II
ME6412 Thermal Engineering Laboratory - I
CE6315 Strength of Materials Laboratory

5th Semester :
ME6501 Computer Aided Design
ME6502 Heat and Mass Transfer
ME6503 Design of Machine Elements
ME6504 Metrology and Measurements
ME6505 Dynamics of Machines
GE6075 Professional Ethics in Engineering 

ME6511 Dynamics Laboratory
ME6512 Thermal Engineering Laboratory-II
ME6513 Metrology and Measurements Laboratory

6th Semester :
ME6601 Design of Transmission Systems
MG6851 Principles of Management
ME6602 Automobile Engineering
ME6603 Finite Element Analysis
ME6604 Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion
Elective - I 

ME6611 C.A.D. / C.A.M. Laboratory
ME6612 Design and Fabrication Project
GE6563 Communication Skills - Laboratory Based

7th Semester :
ME6701 Power Plant Engineering ME6702 Mechatronics 
Computer Integrated Manufacturing 
GE6757 Total Quality Management
Elective – II
Elective – III 

ME6711 Simulation and Analysis Laboratory
ME6712 Mechatronics Laboratory
ME6713 Comprehension

8th Semester :
MG6863 Engineering Economics
Elective – IV
Elective – V 

ME6811 Project Work

Elective 1:
MG6072 Marketing Management 
ME6001 Quality Control and Reliability Engineering
ME6002 Refrigeration and Air conditioning
ME6003 Renewable Sources of Energy
ME6004 Unconventional Machining Processes

Elective 2:
ME6005 Process Planning and Cost Estimation
ME6006 Design of Jigs, Fixtures and Press Tools
ME6007 Composite Materials and Mechanics
ME6008 Welding Technology
ME6009 Energy Conservation and Management

Elective 3:
ME6010 Robotics 
GE6081 Fundamentals of Nanoscience
ME6011 Thermal Turbo Machines
ME6012 Maintenance Engineering
EE6007 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Elective 4:
IE6605 Production Planning and Control 
MG6071 Entrepreneurship Development
ME6013 Design of Pressure Vessels and Piping
ME6014 Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME6015 Operations Research

Elective 5:
ME6016 Advanced I.C. Engines
ME6017 Design of Heat Exchangers
ME6018 Additive Manufacturing
ME6019 Non Destructive Testing and Materials
ME6020 Vibration and Noise Control

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