BTech Plastic Technology Regulation 2013 Semester VII Syllabus

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Anna University,Chennai
Regulations 2013
B Tech Plastic Technology
7th Semester Syllabus

University : Anna University,Chennai

Regulation : 2013

Graduate: UG

Degree: B Tech

Semester :VII

Department: Plastic Technology 

Thread Type:Syllabus


PL6701 Polymer Composites Technology 

PL6702 Plastics Testing Techniques – I

PL6703 Industrial Management & Costing 

PL6704 Plastics Product Design 

Elective - I 

Elective - II


PL6711 Plastics Testing Laboratory – I 

PL6712 Design and Mould Flow Analysis Practiceusing CAD /CAM /CAE

PL6713 Comprehension


PL6001 Plastic Waste Management and Recycling Techniques

PT6003 Plastics Packaging Technology 

PT6071 Fibre Technology 


PL6003 Biodegradable Polymers 

PL6004 Specialty Polymers 

PL6005 Polyurethane Technology


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    BTech Plastic Technology Regulation 2013 Semester VII Syllabus