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Believe The Change-Every Child is a Gift

Department :EIE
Referred by VCA :

Every Child is a Gift from God ,every child is born as same but when that child grows up and step into our Educational system,that childs natural talents are not encouraged,not respected by our educational system,only students who has great memorize power ,he is regarded as best student others who have a great practical knowledge is considered as poor this happens only in our indian educational system,students are forced by parents to take up engineering but unforunately that innocent student take up huge risks ,finally students fails ,that's why every student should chase their dream but this not happens in online eduction,every student can choose what they like,not forced by their parents. Education does not come from great infra structure facilities but it comes from great teachers how they teach students with love, dedication, Technology is invented to connect the person at any corner of the world so in today’s online educational forum like VIDYARTHIPLUS is For students, By the students and to the students, this forum is connecting the students from different diverse background.  India has 50 percentage of population are youngster but today’s challenging world not even single university in India cannot come under top 100 university in world. Greatest mathematician  Srinivasan ramanujum ,c.v raman were born in this soil without using any of technology but we are using all kind of facilities  we are not  able to achieve or invent new things by Indians ,so students sharing knowledge in this online  forum will enhance self confidence and develop leadership quality .

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning"

Every students are equally talented as other students,but our educational system put them  into Good ,Average ,Poor category . students should not only aim for getting good percentage in semester examination but they should acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge which is most important things, students should come out of the books, think innoviately, solving small problems like repairing television in their house. This will make the students to explore things beyond regular academics, so we should use the technology effectively for development not destructive.
your essay is awesome

    Believe The Change-Every Child is a Gift