CE8351 Surveying Lecture Notes MSAJCE 2024 Edition


Department: Department of Science and Humanities
Subject Code: CE8351
Subject Name: Surveying
Study Material Description: Lecture Notes
Format Type: PDF
Edition / Version Details: MSAJCE 2024 Edition

The Department of Science and Humanities at Anna University, Chennai, offers "Surveying" (CE8351) as part of the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in non-autonomous affiliated colleges. This subject provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills in surveying techniques, essential for various civil engineering applications such as construction, mapping, and land development.

Study Material Description: Lecture Notes:

The provided study material comprises Lecture Notes for the Surveying (CE8351) course. These Lecture Notes offer comprehensive coverage of surveying principles, methods, and applications, as prescribed by the curriculum. They serve as a primary learning resource, presenting key concepts, theoretical explanations, and practical examples to aid students in understanding the subject matter.

Format Type: PDF:

The Lecture Notes are available in PDF format, facilitating easy access and distribution among students and faculty members. PDF format ensures compatibility across different devices and platforms, allowing students to access the study material anytime, anywhere using smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. Additionally, PDFs retain the original formatting and layout of the content, enhancing readability and usability.

Edition / Version Details: MSAJCE 2024 Edition:

The Surveying (CE8351) Lecture Notes adhere to the MSAJCE 2024 Edition, aligning with the latest updates and revisions prescribed by MSAJCE. This edition reflects current advancements, industry standards, and educational requirements, ensuring that the study material remains relevant and up-to-date. By using the 2024 Edition, students can access high-quality Lecture Notes that meet the academic standards set by Anna University.


The Surveying (CE8351) Lecture Notes in the MSAJCE 2024 Edition serve as an invaluable resource for students pursuing civil engineering or related disciplines. Through comprehensive coverage of surveying concepts and practical applications, these Lecture Notes support student learning, facilitate effective classroom instruction, and help students excel in their coursework and examinations.

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