CS2254 Operating System May June 2014 Question Paper (Scanned Version)

Anna University , Chennai
Question Paper Code : 51344 
Fourth Semester 
Computer Science and Engineering 
CS 2254/CS 45/CS 1253/080250012/10144 CS 405 — OPERATING SYSTEMS 
(Common to Information Technology) 
(Regulation 2008/2010) 
(Also Common to PTCS 2254 — Operating Systems for B.E. (Part-Time) 
Fourth Semester Computer Science and Engineering — Regulation 2009) 
Time : Three hours 
Maximum : 100 marks 
Answer ALL questions. 
PART A— (10 x 2 20 marks) 
1.Can multiple user level threads achieve better performance on a 
multiprocessor system than a single processor system? Justify your answer. 
2.Mention the circumstances that would a user be better off using a time-sharing system rather than a PC or a single user workstation? 
3.Write the four situations under which CPU scheduling decisions take place. 
4.Show that mutual exclusion may be violated if the signal and wait operations are not executed atomically. 
5.Consider a logical address space of eight pages of 1024 words each, mapped onto a physical memory of 32 frames. Find the number of bits in the logical address and the physical address. 
6.Define virtual memory. 
7.List the attributes of a file. 
8.What are the information contained in a boot control block and partition control block? 

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Department : Computer Science and Engineering
Semester : 4
Subject Code : CS2253
Subject Name : Operating System
Study Material Description : Question Paper of CS2254 Operating Systems May June 2014.

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