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CS2401 Computer Graphics Scanned Lecture Notes - Gayatri Edition

Anna University , Chennai
Department of B.E-Computer Science and Engg
(Common to B.Tech Information Technology)
Seventh Semester
CS2401 Computer Graphics 
Scanned Lecture Notes (Units 1,2,3 and 5)
(Regulation 2008)
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Content :


Computer graphics
Output primitives
Line drawing algorithm
DDA line diagram
DDA algorithm
1. For positive scope
2. For negative scope
Bresenham’s line diagram
Circle generating algorithm
Midpoint circle algorithm
Midpoint algorithm steps
Ellipse drawing algorithm
Attributes of output primitives
1. Line attributes
2. Curve attributes
3. Color and gray scale
4. Area fill attributes
Line attributes
1. Line type
2. Line width
3. Line color
Curve attributes
Character attributes
2D geometric transformation
1. Translation
2. Rotation
3. Scaling
4. Reflection
5. Sheering
2D viewing


1. Parallel projection
2. Perspective
Orthographic parallel projection
Oblique parallel projection
Types of perspective projection
1. One point
2. Two point
Polygon surface
Polygon table
Three dimensional geometric transformation
Not parallel to any one
Scaling respect to fixed position
Three dimension object representation
1. Polygon surface
2. Curved lines and surface
3. Quadric surface
4. Spline representation
Polygon surface
1. plane equation
Curved lines and surface
1. mathematical function
2. user specified data points
Super ellipse
Parameter form of super ellipse
Visualization data sets
1. scientific
2. business
Vector fields
Tensor quantity
Spline representation
Spline interpolation and approximation
Parameter continuity condition
Zero order continuity
Second order continuity
Visible surface detection methods
Classification of algorithm


Color model
1. RGB
2. YIQ
3. CHY
4. HSV
Design of animation sequence
1. Story board layout
2. Object definition
3. Key frame specification
4. Generation between frames
Computer animation function
1. Object manipulation
2. Camera motion
3. Generation of in between
Methods of animation
1. Raster animation
2. Key frame system
Computer animation language
1. Scene discipline
2. Action specification
Key frame system
1. No of edges
2. No of vertices
Graphics programming using open graphics library
Open graphics library pipe line process
Window based programming
Skeleton of window based programing
Call back function
Basic graphics primitives
Filled regions
Raster images
Drawing three dimensional object
1. Cube
2. Sphere
3. Cone
4. Ellipsoid


Fractals and self similarity
Properties of fractal images
Types of fractal images
Exactly self similar
Quasi self similarity
Satistically self similarity
Koch curve
Construct the Koch curve
Properties of Koch curve
1. Koch snow flake
2. Koch star
Interactive function system
Random fructal
Reflection and transparency
Refraction of light
Total internal reflection
Rendering texture
Boolean operation on objects
CSG objects
1. Union
2. Intersection
3. Difference

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