CS3352 Foundation Of Data Science Question Bank


Department: Information Technology
Subject Code: CS3352
Subject Name: Foundations of Data Science
Study Material Description: Question Bank
Format Type: PDF
Edition / Version Details: MSAJCE 2024 Edition

In accordance with the Regulations 2021 of Anna University, Chennai, the Department of Information Technology presents "Foundations of Data Science" (CS3352) as part of the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in non-autonomous affiliated colleges. This subject is essential for understanding the fundamental concepts and principles of data science, which play a crucial role in various industries and domains.

Study Material Description: Question Bank:

The provided study material for "Foundations of Data Science" (CS3352) comprises a comprehensive Question Bank. This Question Bank encompasses a wide range of questions covering all the essential topics and concepts included in the syllabus of the course. It is meticulously curated to help students assess their understanding of data science principles and prepare effectively for examinations.

Format Type: PDF:

The Question Bank for "Foundations of Data Science" (CS3352) is available in PDF format. This digital format offers several advantages, including ease of access, portability, and compatibility across different devices and platforms. Students can conveniently access the Question Bank on their computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, enabling flexible and on-the-go studying.

Edition / Version Details: MSAJCE 2024 Edition:

The Question Bank for "Foundations of Data Science" (CS3352) adheres to the MSAJCE 2024 Edition. This edition reflects the latest updates and revisions prescribed by MSAJCE (representing a specific institution or organization). By aligning with the 2024 Edition, the Question Bank ensures that students have access to relevant and up-to-date questions that are in line with the current syllabus and curriculum standards.


The Question Bank for "Foundations of Data Science" (CS3352) in the MSAJCE 2024 Edition serves as a valuable resource for students pursuing Information Technology programs. It provides a comprehensive collection of questions to assess students' knowledge and understanding of data science concepts, facilitating effective exam preparation. By utilizing this Question Bank, students can enhance their proficiency in data science and excel academically in this field.

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    CS3352 Foundation Of Data Science Question Bank