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About CTS :-
Cognizant was founded in the U.S., in 1994. In only 16 years, Cognizant has grown to a value of approximately $4 billion [U.S.] and now has 100,000 associates, and 50+ development centers across five continents. We are a publicly traded company, listed on Nasdaq.

CTS offers Services like Cognizant Business Consulting, Application Services, IT Infrastructure Services, Business Process Outsourcing.

Why CTS - Why should join in CTS?
Cognizant's DNA is task and team based, not geography based. This structure is made possible by our global services delivery model, which enables real-time knowledge sharing and interaction with colleagues around the world.

CTS is the only international services provider with a business model structured both vertically and horizontally. That is, vertically with expertise in almost every major industry segment, as well as horizontally, across a full complement of integrated solutions and services. In fact, many of our senior people originate from the industries in which we work.

When you join Cognizant , you’ll be introduced to the company, its processes, tools and procedures, and you’ll be personally guided along the way. In fact, even while you’re in the process of applying, you’ll be assigned a representative to help you through the process

It consist of 4 rounds
1. Written test
2. Group discussion
3. Technical interview
4. HR

Written test contain 30 questions from reasoning and 25 question from verbal
1. coding and decoding
2. data interpretation
3. statement and conclusion
4. blood relations
5. puzzle test
6. number series
7. figure series

and also important topics for cts is cubes and dice....and binary to decimal and decimal to binary

Here is the Collections of CTS Placement Papers :

.pdf   CTS Placement Papers 2011 Section.pdf (Size: 442.84 KB / Downloads: 535)
.pdf   CTS Paper 1.pdf (Size: 211.46 KB / Downloads: 647)
.pdf   -CTS Paper 1 ans.pdf (Size: 132.65 KB / Downloads: 307)
.pdf   CTS Paper 2.pdf (Size: 259.3 KB / Downloads: 349)
.pdf   CTS Paper 2 ans.pdf (Size: 463.96 KB / Downloads: 385)
.pdf   CTS Mock 1.pdf (Size: 276.3 KB / Downloads: 376)
.pdf   CTS Mock 1 ans.pdf (Size: 122.57 KB / Downloads: 367)
.pdf   CTS Mock 2.pdf (Size: 266.07 KB / Downloads: 312)
.pdf   CTS Mock 2 ans.pdf (Size: 125.47 KB / Downloads: 309)
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    CTS Placement Paper with Answers Collections