EC2314 Digital Signal Processing May June 2014 Question Paper

Question Paper Code : 51409 
Fifth Semester 
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
EC 2361/EC 2314/EC 65/10144 EC 502/10133 EE 502 —DIGITAL SIGNAL 
(Common to Sixth Semester Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and  Instrumentation and Control Engineering) 
(Regulation 2008/2010) 
(Also common to PTEC 2361 — Digital Signal Processing for B.E. (Part-Time) 
Fifth Semester Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering — Regulation 2009) 
Time : Three hours 
Maximum : 100 marks 
Answer ALL questions. 
PART A — (10 x 2 20 marks) 
1.Consider the analog signal x(t)— 3cos50(pi)t + 10 sin 300(pi)t —cos100(pi)t . What is the Nyquist rate for this signal? 
2.State Shannon's sampling theorem. 
3.What is meant by Region of Convergence? 
4.State final and initial value theorem of Z-transform 
5.State circular frequency shift property of DPT. 
6.Compare DIT radix-2 FFT and DIF radix -2 FFT. 
7.Define pre-warping effect. Why it is employed? 
8.Give Hamming window function. 
9.List the various registers used with ARAU. 
10.What are the different buses of TMS 320C54x processor and list their functions? 

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