EC2405 Optical and Microwave Engineering Lab Manual - Edition 2014

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subject code:EC2405
subject:optical and microwave engineering lab
content:EC2405-optical and microwave engineering lab manual-edition 2014


Microwave Experiments 
1. Reflex Klystron – Mode characteristics 
2. Gunn Diode – Characteristics 
3. VSWR, Frequency and Wave Length Measurement 
4. Directional Coupler – Directivity and Coupling Coefficient – S – 
parameter measurement 
5. Isolator and Circulator – S - parameter measurement 
6. Attenuation and Power measurement 
7. S - matrix Characterization of E-Plane T, H-Plane T and Magic T. 
8. Radiation Pattern of Antennas. 
9. Antenna Gain Measurement 
Optical Experiment

1. DC characteristics of LED and PIN Photo Diode. 
2. Mode Characteristics of Fibers 
3. Measurement of Connector and Bending Losses. 
4. Fiber Optic Analog and Digital Link 
5. Numerical Aperture Determination for Fibers 
6. Attenuation Measurement in Fibers

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    EC2405 Optical and Microwave Engineering Lab Manual - Edition 2014