EC3351 Control System Question Bank


Department: ECE
Semester: III
Subject Code: EC3351
Subject Name: Control System
Study Material Description: Question Bank
Format Type: PDF
Edition / Version Details: 2023 Edition

Anna University, Chennai, follows the regulations of 2021 under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) to provide a structured academic framework for its non-autonomous affiliated colleges. As part of this system, various subjects are offered to students, including Control System (EC3351) in the third semester of the Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) department.

Subject Overview:

Control System (EC3351) is a fundamental subject in the field of electronics and communication engineering. It deals with the analysis and design of systems that regulate or control the behavior of other systems. Topics covered in this subject include control system modeling, stability analysis, time-domain analysis, frequency-domain analysis, and controller design techniques.

Study Material Description: Question Bank:

The study material for Control System (EC3351) consists of a comprehensive question bank. This question bank is meticulously prepared to cover a wide range of topics and concepts related to control systems. It includes both theoretical questions to test understanding of fundamental principles and practical problems to assess problem-solving skills. The question bank serves as a valuable resource for students to practice and prepare for examinations.

Format Type: PDF:

The question bank for Control System (EC3351) is available in PDF format. This digital format ensures easy accessibility and compatibility across various devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Students can conveniently access the question bank anytime, anywhere, allowing for flexible study arrangements to suit their individual preferences and schedules.

Edition / Version Details: 2023 Edition:

The question bank for Control System (EC3351) is presented in the 2023 edition. This edition incorporates the latest updates, revisions, and improvements to ensure the content remains relevant and up-to-date. By using the 2023 edition, students can benefit from the most current information and practices in the field of control systems.


By providing a comprehensive question bank for Control System (EC3351) in the 2023 edition under the Choice Based Credit System, Anna University aims to facilitate effective learning and preparation for students in the ECE department. This question bank serves as a valuable tool for self-assessment, revision, and exam preparation, helping students to enhance their understanding and mastery of control system concepts. With access to quality study materials, students are better equipped to succeed academically and pursue further studies or careers in the field of electronics and communication engineering.

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    EC3351 Control System Question Bank