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EC6311 Analog And Digital Lab Important VIVA Questions

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Anna University , Chennai

Department of B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering
Third Semester
EC6311 Analog And Digital Lab
(Regulation 2013)


1. Define Logic gates
2. What is the function of X- or and X-nor gates
3. What are universal gates? Why it is called so?
4. Write the truth table for Ex-or gate and AND gate
5. What are ‘minterms’ and ‘maxterms’?
6. State and prove Demorgan’s theorem
7. Draw the logic diagram for the expression Y=AB+CD
8. What is a combinational circuit? Give example.
9. Define the following : minterm and term
10. State and prove Consensus theorem
11. What are the different types of codes?
12. What is self complementing code?
13. Perform Gray to binary and vice versa with an example
14. Perform excess-3 to BCD and vice versa with an example
15. Write about half adder and full adder
16. Truth table for half adder and full adder
17. How will you build a full adder using 2 half adders and an OR gate?
18. Write the operation of adder/subtractor circuit
19. Write the significance of adder/ subtractor circuit
20. What is BCD adder
21. With an example explain BCD adder
22. Define multiplexer
23. Define de-multiplexer
24. Applications of mux and demux
25. Other names of mux and demux
26. Implement F(A,B,C) = ∑m ( 0,2,4,5,7) using mux.
27. What are Encoder and decoder? Give its representation.
28. Applications of encoder
29. Applications of decoder
30. Difference between encoder and multiplexer
31. What is a sequential Circuit? Give example.
32. Derive the characteristic equation of a JK flip flop
33. What is the difference between a Mealy machine and a Moore Machines?
34. Distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous sequential logic circuits
35. What is a counter?
36. What are the types of counter?
37. Mention the difference between the 2 types of counters.
38. Define mod- n counter
39. What is a register?
40. Difference between flip-flop and latches
41. What is a shift register
42. Different types of register
43. What is universal shift register?
44. What is the difference between serial and parallel Register?
45. Application of shift register

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