EE2202 Electromagnetic Theory May June 2014 Question Paper

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Third Semester 
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
EE 2202/EP WEE 1201 A/080280017/10133 EE 303 — ELECTROMAGNETIC 
(Common to PTEE 2202 — Electromagneüc Theory fqr B.E. (Part-Time) Second 
Semester Electrical and Elecfronics En$neering — Regulation 2009) 
Time : Three hours 
(Regulation 2008/2010) 
Maximum : 100 marks 
Answer ALL questions. 
PART A-- (10 x 2 20 marks) 
1.State: Stoke's %eorem. 
2.Obtain in the Cartesian Co-ordinate System the Gradient of the function: 
3.Calculate the capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor having an electrode area of 100cm2. The distance between the electrodes is 4mm and the dielecfric used has a permitfivity of 3.5. ne applied potential is 100 Volts. 
4.State Poisson's and Laplace's Equation. 
5.Write the expression for the inductance per unit length of a long solenoid of N turns and having a length "l" mfr carrying a current of I 
6.State: Ampere's Circuital Law. 
7.A parallel plate capacitor has an electrode area of 10cm2. The separation between the plates is 5 mm. A voltage of 10 gin 100 zt is applied across its plates. Calculate its displacement current. Assume air dielecfric. 
8.State: Poynting 
9.What is Voltage standing Wave 
10.Obtain the depth of penefration in copper at 2MHz, given the conductivity of copper c 5.8 x 107 S/m and its permeability 1.26 p.H/m. 

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