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EE2401 PSOC - Nov / Dec 2013 Question Paper (Scan and Type Version)


Anna University

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Seventh Semester

EE2401 / EE71 / 10133 EE 701 Power System Operation and Control 

Nov / Dec 2013 Question Paper

(Regulation 2008) 

Semester : 7 
Department : EEE 
Subject Code : EE2401 
Subject Name : Power System Operation and Control

Type : Question Paper
Edition Details : Nov / Dec 2013 Edition (Type and Scan Version) 
Syllabus Regulation : 2008

Attachment Type : pdf 
No. of. Pages : 3

Type Version :
Question Paper Code: 314O9
Seventh Semester
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
(Regulation 2008/2010)
(Common to PTEE 2401 — Power System Operation and Control for B.E. (Part-Time)
Fifth Semester — Electrical and Electronics Engineering — Regulation 2009)

Time : Three hours
Maximum 100 marks
Answer ALL questions. .

PART A—(10 x 2=20 marks)
1. Define plant capacity factor.
2. List out the various needs for frequency regulation in power system.
3. Give two conditions for proper synchronizing of alternators.
4. What is the function of load frequency control?
5. What are the various functions of excitation system?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of synchronous compensators?
7. What is meant by FLAPC?
8. Write the condition for the optimal power dispatch in a lossless system.
9. What are the functions of SCADA?
10. Define state estimation.

PART B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)
11. (a) i) A generating station has a maximum demand of 50,000 kw. Calculate the cost per unit generated from the following data: (12)
Capital cost = Rs. 95 x 10^6 .
Annual load factor 40% .
Annual, cost of fuel and oil = Rs. 9 x 10^6
Taxes, wages and salaries, etc. Rs. 7.5 x 10^6
Interest and depreciation = 12%
(ii) (1) Define Diversity factor
(2) Define Plant use factor. (4)


(b) (i) Define the following:
(1) Hot reserve
(2) Cold reserve
(3) Spinning reserve. (6),

(ii) A. generating station has the following daily load cycle: :
Time (Hours) 0-6 6-10 10-12 12-16 16-20 20-24,
Load (MW)    20   25      30      25    35     ‘20
Draw the load curve and calculate .
(1) Maximum demand
(2) Units generated per day .
(3) Average load
(4) Load factor. (10)

12.(a) Two synchronous generators operating in parallel. Their capacities are 300 MW and 400 MW. The droop characteristics of their governor are 4% and 5% from no load to full load. Assuming that the generators are operating at 50 Hz at no load, how would be a load Of 600 MW shared between them. What will be the system frequencyat this load? Assume free governor action.  (16)


(b) What are the components. of speed governor system of an alternator? Derive its transfer function with an aid of a block diagram. (16)

13. (a) Describe various methods of voltage control and explain any three in detail.  (16)


(b) Draw the diagram of a typical automatic voltage regulator and develop its block diagram representation. (16)

14. (a) State the unit commitment problem’. With the help a flow chart, explain forward dynamic programming solution method of unit commitment problem. . . (16)


(b) The fuel inputs per hour of plants 1 and 2 are given as
F1 = 0.2P1 + 40P1 + 120 Rs/hr
F2 =0.25P2 +30P2 +15O Rs/hr
Determine the economic operating schedule and the corresponding cost of generation. The, maximum and minimum loading on each unit is
100 MW and 25 MW. Assume the transmission losses are ignored and the total demand is 180 MW. Also determine the saving obtained if the load is equally shared by both the units. (16)

15. (a) (i) What is EMS? What are its major functions in power system
operation and control? (6)

(iì) Draw a block diagram to show the hardware configuration of a SCADA system for a power system and explain the application of SCADA in monitoring añd control of power system. (10)


(b) Explain the security monitoring using state estimation with necessary diagrams. (16)

Scan Version:

.pdf   EE2401 PSOC Nov 2013 QP.pdf (Size: 4.45 MB / Downloads: 8,439)

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