EE3302 Digital Logic Circuits Lecture Notes

Anna University, Chennai
Non-Autonomous Affiliated Colleges
Department of B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering

Subject: Digital Logic Circuits
Semester: 3rd
Subject Code: EE3302

Study Material Description:
The study material for Digital Logic Circuits is provided in the form of the latest lecture notes. These lecture notes are available in PDF format, ensuring easy accessibility and compatibility across various devices.

Edition / Version Details:
The study material for Digital Logic Circuits is based on the 2023 Edition. It includes updated content, examples, and exercises, keeping in line with the current advancements and trends in the field of digital logic circuits.

Number of Pages:
The study material consists of a comprehensive collection of 398 pages, covering various topics and concepts related to digital logic circuits. These pages include explanations, diagrams, and solved examples to enhance understanding and provide a holistic learning experience.

The study material aims to provide students with a strong foundation in digital logic circuits, enabling them to understand and apply the principles and techniques involved in designing and analyzing digital systems. It serves as a valuable resource for students pursuing the B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering program at Anna University, Chennai, and its affiliated colleges.

By leveraging the Choice Based Credit System, students have the flexibility to customize their learning experience by selecting elective courses aligned with their interests and career goals. This system encourages active participation and fosters a well-rounded education by allowing students to explore diverse subjects and gain expertise in specific areas.

The study material for Digital Logic Circuits, regulated under the 2021 curriculum, ensures that students receive up-to-date knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of electronics and communication engineering.

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