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EI2311 Biomedical Instrumentation - Nov / Dec 2013 Important Questions

Anna University

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Seventh Semester

EI2311 Biomedical Instrumentation 

(Regulation 2008) 

Common to EIE and ICE

Nov / Dec 2013 Important Questions


1. Explain the function of human respiratory system. 
2. Explain the working of piezoelectric transducer as arterial pressure sensor.
3. Explain how piezoelectric transducer produces ultrasonic waves. 
4. Analyze the physiology of heart and lungs and derive an approximate engineering system equivalent to the same. 
5. Show how an ultrasonic transducer is applied in clinical diagnostic circuit. 
6. Draw the structure of human cell and explain its constitutions. 
7. What are action and resting potential .explain 
8. Explain in detail central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. 
9. How does blood circulate throughout the body 
10. Write a note on different types of transducer. 
11. With relevant graph explain the relationship between the action potential and resting potential. 
12. Explain in detail how pulsatile blood volume changes can be measured using photoelectric type resistive transducer. 
13. Draw the diagram and equivalent circuit of a differential capacitance pressure transducer and briefly explain its operation. 
14. With a neat diagram explain the operation of optical – fibre temperature sensors. 


1. Draw a buffer amplifier circuit and explain its working. 
2. Compare the characteristics of the micro, needle and surface electrodes. 
3. How a metal micro electrode is formed?  Draw its electrical equivalent circuit and explain. 
4. With a neat diagram explain the operation of pregelled disposable electrodes. 
5. With a neat block diagram show how EEG is recorded? 
6. Draw the circuit diagram of Darlington pair isolation amplifier and explain. 
7. What is the medical use of chopper amplifier? Draw the diagram of mechanical chopper and explain its working. 
8. Draw the ECG waves for normal adult, myocardial infraction, coronary insufficiency and ventricular fibrillation. 
9. Discuss the different types of electrodes 
10. Write a note on: ECG recorder ,EMG recorder ,ERG recorder ,EEG recorder 


1. What are known as “Korotkoff sound”? How will you measure them with an indirect method of measurement?
2. Where do you use Clarke’s electrode?  Discuss the method used for measuring flow rate of O2  in 
exhaust air. With suitable figures explain how pH, PCO2 and PO2 are measured?
3. Draw the block diagram of automated electro sphygmomanometer for blood pressure measurement and explain its operation.
4. Explain with relevant equations the working and measurement procedure of Plethysmograph. 
5. Discuss in detail about Plethysmograph. 
6. What are the methods of measuring blood pressure? Explain. 
7. How pH value of blood is measured? Explain. 
8. Explain the measurement of flow rate of CO2  and O2  an exhaust air. 
9. How is heart sound measured? Explain. 


1. Explain the working of X-ray machine. 
2. Explain the different elements involved in biotelemetry circuit. 
3. Explain about patient monitoring system. 
4. Bring out the clinical applications of endoscopy. 
5. What are the different medical application of thermograph 
6. Draw the block diagram of a CT scanner and explain its operation with emphasis on image reconstruction. 
7. What are the different modes of ultrasonic scanning with suitable diagrams 
8. Explain the importance of biotelemetry 
9. Draw a X-ray tube and explain its construction and working 
10.  What  is  an  endoscope?  List  the  types  of  commonly  available  endoscopes.    With  schematic diagram explain the working of endoscopic laser coagulator.


1. With a neat diagram, describe the working of 1) heart – lung machine and 2) dialyzer. 
2. Explain any one type of pacemaker circuit and defibrillator circuit. 
3. List down the various types of pacemakers describing the working of any one of them. 
4. Write brief notes on the working principle of 1) nerve stimulators and 2) pure tone audiometers. 
5. Why do we require heart-lung machines 
6. Discuss the different modes of operation of cardiac pacemaker 
7. Explain the types of diathermy 
8. Write a note on audiometer 
9. Explain Lithotripsy. 
10. Draw the block diagram of synchronized DC defibrillator and explain its working. 
11. List the different types of waveforms used for stimulation of muscle and nerves. Draw the block diagram of a typical electro therapeutic stimulator and explain

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