Electromagnetic Fields (EE3301) Lecture Notes

Department of B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering

Subject: Electromagnetic Fields (EE3301)
Semester: 3rd
Subject Code: EE3301
Study Material Description: Latest Lecture Notes
Format Type: PDF
Edition / Version Details: 2023 Edition
No of Pages: 84

The Department of B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering at Anna University, Chennai, is pleased to present the latest edition of lecture notes for the subject "Electromagnetic Fields" (EE3301) in accordance with the Choice Based Credit System under the Regulations 2021. These lecture notes have been meticulously prepared to meet the academic requirements of students pursuing their Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

The study material, provided in PDF format, consists of 84 pages and covers various topics related to Electromagnetic Fields. It offers comprehensive explanations, theoretical concepts, and practical applications of electromagnetic phenomena. The lecture notes are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in understanding the principles, laws, and equations governing electromagnetic fields and their significance in electronic systems.

With the 2023 edition of the lecture notes, students can stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of Electromagnetic Fields. The study material is designed to foster a deep understanding of the subject, facilitate problem-solving skills, and enhance analytical thinking. By studying these lecture notes, students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze and design electromagnetic systems, antennas, and transmission lines.

The Department is committed to providing high-quality study materials that align with the prescribed curriculum of Anna University. The lecture notes serve as a valuable resource to assist students in their learning journey, enabling them to excel in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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