Fluid Mechanics Hand written lecture Notes - Harish Edition

Fluid Mechanics Hand Written Lecture Notes from Reputed Institutions and Faculties. Useful for Civil Engineers , Specially for Candidates Appearing for GATE Exams , IES Exams and PSUS Exams.

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Properties of fluids
Kinematics of fluid
Dynamics of fluids
1. Mass density
2. Weight density
3. Specific volume
4. Specific gravity
Unit of viscocity
Surface tension
Pressure and its measurements
Pascal’s law
Hydrostatic forces on surfaces
Buoyancy and metacentric height
Oscillation of floating body
Kinematics of flow
Types of flow
1. Steady and unsteady flow
2. Uniform and non-uniform flow
3. Compressible flow
4. Incompressible flow
5. Rotational flow
6. Irrotational flow
Velocity and acceleration
Velocity potential function
Properties of potential function
Stream function
Dynamics of fluid mechanics
The momentum equation
Moment of momentum
Orifice and mouth piece
Viscous flow
Laminar flow
Flow through circular flow
Turbulent flow
Flow through pipes

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