GE8077 Total Quality Management Lecture Notes

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Subject Code: GE8077
Subject Name: Total Quality Management

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Unit 1: Introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM)

1.1 Definition and Concepts of TQM

Understanding Quality: Definitions, Dimensions, and Perspectives
Principles of TQM: Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, Employee Involvement, Process Approach, Systematic Management, Fact-based Decision Making, Supplier Relationships
1.2 Evolution of TQM

Historical Development of Quality Management: Deming, Juran, Ishikawa, Crosby
TQM Philosophies and Approaches: Japanese Total Quality Control (TQC), Total Quality Control (TQC), Total Quality Control (TQC), Total Quality Management (TQM), Total Quality Management (TQM), Total Quality Management (TQM)
1.3 Benefits and Challenges of Implementing TQM

Benefits of TQM: Improved Product Quality, Increased Customer Satisfaction, Cost Reduction, Employee Morale, Competitive Advantage
Challenges of TQM Implementation: Resistance to Change, Lack of Management Commitment, Cultural Barriers, Measurement and Evaluation Issues
Unit 2: TQM Principles and Practices

2.1 Leadership and Commitment

Role of Leadership in TQM: Setting Vision, Establishing Values, Providing Direction
Management Commitment to TQM: Allocation of Resources, Setting Objectives, Leading by Example
2.2 Customer Focus and Satisfaction

Understanding Customer Needs and Expectations
Customer Satisfaction Measurement Tools: Surveys, Feedback Mechanisms, Complaint Handling
Continuous Improvement: PDCA Cycle, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing
2.3 Employee Involvement and Empowerment

Importance of Employee Participation in TQM
Team Building and Collaboration Techniques
Empowerment of Employees: Delegation of Authority, Training and Development, Recognition and Reward Systems
Unit 3: TQM Tools and Techniques

3.1 Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Control Charts: X-Bar and R Charts, P Charts, C Charts
Process Capability Analysis: Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk
Cause-and-Effect Diagrams (Ishikawa Diagrams)
3.2 Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Voice of the Customer (VOC) Analysis
House of Quality (HOQ) Matrix
QFD Implementation Process
3.3 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Overview of TPM Principles and Objectives
Eight Pillars of TPM: Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance, Quality Maintenance, Focused Improvement, Early Equipment Management, Training and Education, Safety, TPM in Administration
Unit 4: TQM in Manufacturing and Service Industries

4.1 TQM in Manufacturing

Quality Management Practices in Manufacturing Processes: Product Design, Production Planning, Quality Control
Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing and Lean Production
Total Quality Control (TQC) in Japanese Manufacturing
4.2 TQM in Service Industries

Challenges of Implementing TQM in Service Sector
Service Quality Measurement: SERVQUAL Model, Service Blueprinting
Case Studies of Successful TQM Implementation in Service Organizations
Unit 5: TQM Implementation and Continuous Improvement

5.1 TQM Implementation Strategies

Developing TQM Implementation Plan: Goals, Objectives, Action Plans
Change Management Strategies: Communication, Training, Leadership Support
Benchmarking: Types, Process, Benefits
5.2 Continuous Improvement and Total Quality Culture

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement
Quality Circles, Suggestion Schemes, and Employee Recognition Programs
Total Quality Management (TQM) in the Digital Age: Industry 4.0, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT)
These lecture notes provide comprehensive coverage of Total Quality Management (TQM), tailored for students in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Anna University, Chennai. With a total of 61 pages in PDF format, these notes include detailed explanations, practical examples, case studies, and implementation strategies to facilitate understanding and application. Students will gain proficiency in TQM principles, tools, and techniques, preparing them to contribute effectively to quality improvement initiatives in manufacturing and service industries.

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