Hurricane "Sandy" had occupied the American Internet

U.S. East Coast hit by Hurricane "Sandy" and all the other threads in the American segment of the global network put on the backburner. Requests such as Hurricane Sandy, Frankernstorm, Stormpocalypse and similar now leads the list of requests in Facebook and Twitter.

In this case, the two social networks most publications for personal communication between users, search for friends and acquaintances. Statistically Intsagramm, now heshteg Sandy refers to 233,000 photos, even at 100, 00 and 20 000, respectively, have tags and Hurricanesandy Frankenstorm. For the first time in large numbers photos related to the topic of the hurricane began to appear as early as Saturday. Then the photos are mostly concerned ravaged the shelves, as well as many boarded-up windows of the houses. Sistorm Kevin, CEO Instagram, said last night the service published about 10 images per second, in one way or another related to the hurricane.

Most of the photo - it's a scene devastated towns, big waves in the Atlantic Ocean and t n As for Facebook, it is the American Top-10 queries and tags also take Sandy, Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane. Users are also actively looking at Facebook power, cold, my friends and prayers. According to experts, the damage that the hurricane "Sandy" could cause the economy may reach $20 billion.

The hurricane is approaching the east coast of the United States - the most densely populated and highly developed region of the country. Firm Eqesat, working on modeling the risk of natural disasters, has published its forecast on Monday, just hours before the hurricane to reach the epicenter of the southern part of New Jersey. Losses that will have to cover the insurance companies can take from 5 to 10 billion dollars. In 2005, the southeastern U.S. coast near New Orleans hit severe hurricane "Katrina". Then killed 1,200 people and caused economic damage of $108 billion.
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Over 15,000 flights have been canceled since Sunday according to, which predicts that more cancellations will be announced soon 635 fights have already been canceled for tomorrow.

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    Hurricane "Sandy" had occupied the American Internet