IT8075 Software Project Management Question Bank



Department: Computer Science Engineering (CSE)
Semester: 5th
Subject Code: IT8075
Subject Name: Software Project Management
Study Material Description: Question Bank
Format Type: PDF
Edition/Version Details: MSAJCE 2024 Edition


In compliance with the Regulations 2021 of Anna University, Chennai, and its implementation of the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), the Department of Computer Science Engineering (CSE) introduces "Software Project Management" (Subject Code: IT8075) as part of the 5th semester curriculum. This subject is crucial for students to understand the principles, methodologies, and practices involved in managing software projects effectively.

Subject Overview:

"Software Project Management" is a core subject in the CSE curriculum, designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, execute, and monitor software development projects. The subject covers various aspects of project management, including project planning, estimation, scheduling, risk management, quality assurance, and team collaboration. Through theoretical learning and practical exercises, students learn how to apply project management frameworks such as Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall to successfully deliver software projects on time, within budget, and meeting quality standards.

Study Material Description: Question Bank (PDF Format):

The study material for "Software Project Management" consists of a comprehensive Question Bank available in PDF format. This Question Bank is meticulously curated to cover the entire syllabus of the subject and includes a wide range of questions covering different topics and concepts related to software project management. The Question Bank is structured to help students assess their understanding of key concepts, practice problem-solving skills, and prepare effectively for examinations and assessments.

Edition/Version Details: MSAJCE 2024 Edition:

The Question Bank for "Software Project Management" is based on the MSAJCE 2024 edition, ensuring alignment with the latest developments and best practices in software project management. This edition incorporates recent trends, industry standards, and case studies to provide students with relevant and up-to-date study materials that reflect the current state of software project management practices. By utilizing the MSAJCE 2024 edition, students can access high-quality resources to enhance their understanding and proficiency in software project management concepts and methodologies.


In conclusion, the inclusion of "Software Project Management" in the CSE curriculum at Anna University, Chennai, highlights the institution's commitment to preparing students for the challenges and demands of the software industry. The availability of a Question Bank in PDF format, specifically the MSAJCE 2024 edition, ensures that students have access to comprehensive and up-to-date study materials to support their learning and academic growth in software project management. Through the CBCS regulations, Anna University enables students to acquire practical knowledge and skills that are essential for successful careers in software development and project management roles.

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    IT8075 Software Project Management Question Bank