Insight 2013 Marketing Conclave

Insight 2013 Marketing Conclave

Event: Insight 2013 | Marketing Conclave

Insight 2013 is a Marketing Conclave Organised by: IIM Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Insight 2013 Event Departments: CSE, ECE, Mechanical, Civil, Agricultural, Medical, BioTechnology, MBA, Commerce, Law

Insight 2013 dates:
Fest dates: 28th-29th September 2013

INSIGHT is the Marketing conclave and oldest event of IIM Ahmedabad. Over the past 25 years, INSIGHT has successfully established itself as the defining marketing conclave that brings corporates, B-school students, academia and consumers together to promote marketing. INSIGHT has emerged as a solution provider for corporates through innovative Marketing Research conducted in a fair drawing huge local audience. It also features a wide range of events that test the mettle of top B-School brains, and seminars by eminent speakers which dissect the latest developments in marketing.

Insight 2013 Management, Workshop, Conference, Seminar, Online Events in Ahmedabad :

Bone of Contention: An all India Marketing Debate to explore the marketing acumen that the bright young management students possess and their depth of knowledge of the marketing world.

Wizards of Barter: The Flagship Event of insight 2013, the event focuses on Marketing Strategy and how well teams respond to competitor moves. The event gives teams a chance to step into the shoes of a top management firm and design its go-to-market strategy

Music2Go- The Marketing Simulation Game: An Online marketing simulation where students across the country compete to identify the factors behind product choices, understand the subtle consumer demand, make critical marketing decisions and witness the outcome live.

Reality Bites: The event tests the marketing skills and practical knowledge of the participants by letting them run a retail store for one day.

Swadesh4U: Bringing Bharat to India: An all-India event which ignites the fire in the young managers and gives them the opportunity to revive the dying art and products of our country.

Social Hysteria: The event provides an opportunity to marketing enthusiasts, inclined towards exploring innovative methods of marketing, to bring out their creativity with online marketing strategies.

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Sufal Roongta
Cell Phone No.: +918469708714

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    Insight 2013 Marketing Conclave