L&T Infotech Interview Process and my experience with L&T Infotech

Hi friends,

I would like to share my experience with L&T Infotech.

L&T Infotech Interview process consists of 5 rounds.
1. Aptitude
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical Interview
4. Essay Writing (Only non elimination round)
5. HR Interview


L&T Infotech aptitude is comparatively easier to CTS ,  Wipro and Infosys

It is provided with 5 sets of question paper and OMR sheet (paper pen test)
It will contain 100 questions inclusive of Quantitative, Logical Reasoning and English questions.
With regard to questions, they will all be simple, you will have to just read them properly and answer them.
Quantitative: just go through all the chapters formulae and examples in R S Agarwal
Logical and English would be easy only.
Note: The time given would be 60 mins for 100 questions, so please be quick!
and NO NEGATIVE MARKING so please attend  ALL QUESTIONS and no sectional cut off also.

Group Discussion:
The people selected in aptitude will enter here, here also many get eliminated Very general and easy topics will be given, use the PEST method.
Whenever u talk be confident and loud enough to everyone,
never look at HR
Have eye contact with everyone, try to give minimum of 2 entries with valid points,
Please don't argue or debate in the hall.
Restrict your each entry to 45 to 60 seconds,
one of my friend spoke continuously for 2 mins and got eliminated.
our GD topic was "Does fashion shows and new year eve parties degrade our culture?"

Technical Interview:

The technical Interview cannot be predicted, for some people it was based on their core subjects (basics)
what is a transistor, diode, negative breakdown, zener breakdown,
my friend from civil was asked u are not even ECE, EEE who study atleast 2 or 3 comp subjects, how will u survive in IT? Why do u want IT?
these ques may also be asked in HR
One good thing which happened to us last time was
if u were from a non CS background you were not questioned in Coding.
Please know about your Final Year Project and paper and mini project presentation if any u have done, they will ask you about it and it is a easy goal for you because u will be explaining them about your project and not answering to theirquestions.

Essay Writing:

The only non elimination round.
people clearing Tech will be given a paper and asked to write an essay in about 300 words.
the topic would be general
we were given "Should formal dress code be followed in educational institutions?"
This will be read by HR sometimes in your HR round and u will be questioned?

Don't take this round lightly,
last year 37 attended HR but only 27 got selected.
Will be Stress round for some,
will be very normal ques also like will you sign a bond?
are u ready to go to any location?

I had a bit different question
he started off just like this
Saravanan, Introduce yourself in such a way i should reject you?
i hesitated to tell bad about me.
he told sorry u are rejected please go out!
i waited and asked him one more chance
he was adamant he will not give since i didn't use my first chance,
the HR who conducted GD to me was also there in cabin, she convinced HR to give one more chance and explained to me we were just trying to test your flexibility?
then i told i am favourite student of HOD as i always stand in front of her room everyday to get some scoldings or other?
it may be because i come late to college, dont finish assign on time , never study for internal exams etc,
there was a cross question
even if u submit your assignment late will it be proper?
i replied : this should be asked to my friend as i copy it.
on this reply they started laughing and then asked normal questions
u have any backlogs blah blah etc

All the Best friends!
Do Well
Hoping to see many of you @ L&T Infotech very soon!!
thank you for sharing your experience and tips
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    L&T Infotech Interview Process and my experience with L&T Infotech