Lets have a debate/GD

Lets have a debate:

"Chose engineering for research but ended up pursuing MBA "
Are today's youth not firm in decision-making or the ill-equipped education system force them to take such hasty decisions ?
"Literary education is of no value, if it is not able to build up a sound character"
I would say that the youth take decisions but they are not capable of moving on with their decision. They don't believe themselves. Also the topic is on research and many are weak in their fundamental basic knowledge in their field of study. so they choose the next option available, in our case, its MBA. 
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Nice Topic bro... Today's Education System is just acting as Key for Job , and not for Research.. Mostly, UG Students who didn't get Job after their Graduation will study P.G and Some U.G Students who ever placed in a Company will study P.G in Part Time for Higher Salary..

Also they are unable to take decisions for research, Becoz once they Finished their U.G Graduation, they are forced to Earn Money for Taking Care of their Family...
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