List of Recommended Books for GATE (EE and ECE)

List of Recommended Books for GATE
(EE and ECE)
Choose standard text books for your GATE preparation. Remember that local books (university books) do not have that much of concept building as Standard text books (i.e. reference books). Besides, university books are confined to a specified syllabus only. Some topics/chapters may be omitted in those books. You should start choosing and reading standard books from first day of your college.

Reading from Standard Books
Standard books or reference books contain lengthy content. You should filter or summarize concepts and main theory from that; it will save your time. Grab core of a topic from these books. Remember that questions in GATE may appear from any topic. You must read all the topics; there is no classification of important or unimportant topics in GATE.

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    List of Recommended Books for GATE (EE and ECE)