Logic And Creativity: The Two Estranged Siblings?

SIMC will be enthusiastically welcoming its annual communication festival called *Fest-O-Comm 2017*!

The festival will be rolling with a unique theme called ‘*Where Parallels Collide*’ which means the daily squabbles between our logical left sided brain and our creative right-sided brain.

Keeping in mind our unique theme, our talented writers have penned a quirky article titled ‘Logic and Creativity: The Two Estranged Siblings?' The article speaks that although both logic and creativity are like estranged siblings, fighting to win over each other but at the end of the day, it is all about teamwork.

This article is a quirky take on our daily battles of choosing between logic and creativity
Logic And Creativity:  
The Two Estranged Siblings? 
Ever heard your 7th standard biology teacher telling you that your brain is divided into the left and the right cerebral hemispheres? Can you recall her drilling into your mind the “fact” that the right side of your brain is Mr. Creative while the left is Mr. Logic? And nothing can bring them together since they are literally poles apart. Even today, this dichotomy is universally acknowledged and featured in so many online posts and quizzes. The question that everything inevitably boils down to, is: Which side is dominant in your personality?  
Are you the one with a bohemian outlook, staring at the white canvas in a stupor, with a paintbrush in your hand? Or are you the person who has all the “E=mc2’s” ready to slay your opponents in a battle of reason?  
But wait. Hang in there. It isn’t that easy! Homo sapiens are considered to be the most convoluted creatures of all times. It isn’t duck soup to categorize us into neat pretty packages. Our interactions with the world around us are not circumscribed by explicit ground rules because we as a race continue to evolve even to this day. Well, that doesn’t mean that we are still evolving from apes to humans to something even more formidable. But it does imply that we do not have a two dimensional approach to life anymore.  
The two sides of our brains are expected to be in a constant tug of war with each other, jousting to triumph over their assailant.  

However, what if they collide like two gargantuan meteorites…overlap and ultimately merge? The possibility of such an event happening does seem to stupefy the adherents of this polarity, but if you introspect, this fusion doesn’t seem to be a departure from reality anymore.  
When we were kids, did we not enjoy looking up at the sky and trying to find abstract shapes in the clouds? What we saw was our imagination, but weren’t we trying to search for some semblance of logic in those abstract shapes, attempting to use that logic to build a make-believe world for ourselves?
Look at this picture:

What do you see? Yes, it’s an abstract piece of art. But how will you interpret it? For some, it might appear to be a distorted version of a ying yang. At the same time for others, it can be the portrayal of an oil spill polluting the ocean. But how did you come to these conclusions? What is the “LOGIC” behind it? Voila!
The interpretation might be as different as day and night, but even the day warmly embraces the night. Similarly, the convergence of these two very divergent realities can contribute in co-creation of something exceptional and unparagoned.  
Still have qualms about this?
Okay, let's talk about our very own Albert Einstein , the bane of each student’s school life. Yes, you might remember him for special relativity or the quantum theory, but just ponder this for an instant. If he wasn’t a creative genius, would he have gone beyond the range of existing logic and dared to explore the unknown mysteries of life?


Creativity cannot be a one man army. It needs logic to support and propel it through the last few miles before the finish line. Creative ideas do not just emanate from Aladdin’s lamp, rather like the building of toy blocks, they require a step by step approach. Take the everyday example of cooking.  

It has become a trend to experiment with recipes and showcase these contrivances on social media platforms to get that “Ah! Looks delicious” comment. What creativity, indeed! However, what about the intricacies that go behind such a creation? A chef would never add lemon juice to milk. Well duh, because that’s logic!

Have you seen the amazing Paper Boat advertisements? The brand takes us down memory lane, with the iconic music from Malgudi Days. It makes us reminisce about those rainy days, when it was mandatory to get drenched regardless of the dressing down you were in for later. The magic formula used by them was a combination of both logic and creativity. The logic was connecting the brand with childhood while the emotional quotient of the ads was their creative vanguard.  

Creativity and logic exist in a symbiotic relationship. They are like those cliched bollywood twins who were separated in the Kumbh ka Mela, where one is disciplined whereas the other is a free soul. They are eventually bound to bump into each other and they will meet at the Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune from 17th to 19th February at its annual festival,
Fest O Comm which revolves around this very theme: ‘Where parallels collide’.  

Logic and creativity may be as different as they come, but at the same time compliment and complete each other in all aspects of life. The next time you encounter your creativity and logic at crossroads, don’t wait for one of them to conquer the other. Rather, strive towards a crossbreed of the two estranged siblings!

    Logic And Creativity: The Two Estranged Siblings?