MA8551 Algebra and Number Theory Question Bank

Anna University, Chennai: Non-Autonomous Affiliated Colleges

Regulations 2021: Choice Based Credit System

Department: Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Semester: 5th

Subject Code: MA8551

Subject Name: Algebra and Number Theory

Study Material Description: Question Bank

Format Type: PDF

Edition/Version Details: MSAJCE 2024 Edition


Anna University, Chennai, maintains a reputation for providing quality education and fostering academic excellence in various engineering disciplines. Under the Regulations 2021 and the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), the Department of Computer Science Engineering (CSE) offers the subject "Algebra and Number Theory" (Subject Code: MA551) in the 5th semester curriculum. This subject serves as a foundation for understanding abstract algebraic concepts and their applications in computer science and engineering.

Subject Overview:

"Algebra and Number Theory" is a fundamental subject in the CSE curriculum, focusing on the study of algebraic structures and number theoretic concepts. The subject covers various topics including groups, rings, fields, vector spaces, modular arithmetic, prime numbers, congruences, and Diophantine equations. It provides students with a theoretical framework to understand mathematical structures and their relevance in solving computational problems. Moreover, the concepts learned in this subject find applications in cryptography, coding theory, and algorithm design.

Study Material Description: Question Bank (PDF Format):

The study material for "Algebra and Number Theory" comprises a comprehensive Question Bank available in PDF format. This Question Bank is carefully curated to cover all essential topics and concepts outlined in the syllabus. It includes a variety of questions ranging from basic to advanced levels, designed to assess students' understanding and problem-solving skills in algebra and number theory. The Question Bank serves as a valuable resource for students to practice and prepare for examinations and assessments.

Edition/Version Details: MSAJCE 2024 Edition:

The Question Bank for "Algebra and Number Theory" is based on the MSAJCE 2024 edition, incorporating the latest updates and revisions in the curriculum. This edition ensures that students

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    MA8551 Algebra and Number Theory Question Bank