ME2151 Engineering Mechanics May/June 2012 Question Paper

Question Paper Code: 10405

Second Semester
Common to Civil, Aeronautical, Automobile, Marine, Mechanical, Production,
Chemical, Petroleum Engineering, Biotechnology, Polymer, Textile, Textile
(Fashion), Rubber and Plastics Technology, Materials Science and Engineering,
Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering,
Industrial and Management Engineering, Environmental Engineering,
Geoinformatics, Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Petrochemical
Engineering, Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering, Petrochemical Technology,
Pharmaceutical Technology and Textile Chemistry
ME 2151/113201/ ME 25/10122 ME 205/080120002/ CE 1151 ENGINEERING MECHANICS
(Regulation 2008)
Time : Three hours
Maximum: 100 marks

Semester : 2
Subject Code : ME2151
Subject Name : Engineering Mechanics
Study Material Description : Engineering Mechanics May/June 2012

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