Preparation and Writing Exam Tips for Semester Examination

Hello Friends,
Follow these Tips and Sure you can Clear all your Subjects... If you like my Post Please Share with your Frnds.!


* First of all leave your fear, don't worry you can easily pass all exams.
* Don't try to study all the things in a single unit.
* Divide the unit into two parts ,read only half of the unit which you like rather than studying full unit
* Study with guidance of Question Bank. Get Your Question Bank from here :
* Concentration is most important thing.
* Give importance to your studies at least before exams.
* Be cool.  
* If you have diagrams or some other table ,just see that diagrams.
* Read it like a story book(i mean just read it, don't read by heart)

Writing Exam:
* Write Which question you know well at first..
* Use Black pen to color headlines.  
* Especially make the definition dark if you definition is correct.
* Do not leave the exam hall before exam time expire.
* Instead of just sitting ,try to write something in paper which is oriented with that subject.
* If you know generally about the subject,just add those points to any questions.
* Fill the Page.
* Attend all questions,even it is in choice.

All the Best Friends !