Principles of Management (MG2351) May June 2014 Question Paper (Scanned Version)

Question Paper Code : 51685
Seventh Semester
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
MG 2351/10177 GE 003/10144 GE 003 — PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT
(Common to Seventh Semester — Polymer Technology, Textile Technology, Textile Technology (Fashion Technology) Sixth Semester — Aeronautical Engineering, 
Automobile Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engmeering and also common to Eighth Semester — Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and Instrumentation and Control Engineering) 
(Regulation 2008/2010)
(Common to PTMG 2351 — Principles of Management for B.E. (Part-Time)
Sixth Semester — Civil Engineering — Regulation 2009)
Time Three hours
Maximum : 100 marks

Answer ALL questions.
PART A— (10 x 2 20 marks)
1.Distinguish between administration and management.
2.What are the roles a managers has to perform?
3.What is strategic planning? Give an example.
4.What do you mean by "Policy"? Give an example.
5.Define "Span of control"
6.List down the different types of training.
7.Distinguish between creativity and innovation.
8.Define motivation.
9.Define productivity. List the types of productivity.
10.What are the different types of budget?

Full Name :Arumugam.P
College Name :SNS College of Technology
Department :EEE
Semester :07
Subject Code :MG2351
Subject Name : Principles of Management
Study Material Description :aaru edition 2014 QP

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