SANUS'13 on SNS college of Engineering


                               SNS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

                                           SATHY MAIN ROAD

                                          COIMABTORE -641107

Date of Function:6th September 2013 

Event Details:

                                                                1. PAPER PRESENTATION

*Maximum two members per team

*10minutes will be provided for each team( Presentation 5 mins. Queries 5 mins)

*Decision of the juries from industries will be final 

Suggested Topics:

1.Sixth Sense Technology

2.Facebook thrift

3.Blue Jacking

4.Text mining

5.3D internet

6.Sniffer for detecting lost mobiles

7.4G Broadband

8.Cellular neural networks

9.Mobile virtual reality

10.Participants are not limited to the above topics, but can also choose other latest technologies

e-Mail ID the content to:,

Contact. No: 8220478010, 8754141731 


Event Rules:

1.A team should comprise of 2 members.

2.Preliminary round will be conducted.

3.4 teams will be selected to the final round.

4.On the spot. theme will be given 3 minutes prior to start.

5.2 minutes will be given for the presentation in finals.

6.Decision of the jury will be final.

                                                            3.BRAIN BYTES

Event Rules:

*2 members per team.

Prelims will be conducted to short list the members.


Teams will be provided with a set of questions The questions will be based on the latest trends in information technology

The top four teams will be shortlisted for the next rounds.


Will be conducted as an on-stage event.

Decision of the quiz master will be final.

                                                      4.EXCEPTION HANDLER


*Objective based questions on stress, aptitude and verbal reasoning.

*Objective questions on managerial skills


*An industrial situation will be given to the selected participant and they have to respond according to the situation given to them

*Participants will be awarded how well they are handling their the situation given to them



*Maximum Two members

*Platform-Android or any platform


*Basic Questions about mobile OS and its development.

*Objective type Questions with choice.


*Participants will be provided with SDK or The developer can use any tool of his choice to execute their app

*App's program code can be brought ty developer in advance

*Participants can bring their existing old app (provided that it is developed by them)

*Points will be awarded based on:

*Novelty of the idea

*Designing the UI of the application

*How the app is divided in to Modules

*Explaining how the app will be useful in real life

*Coding is not necessary

                                                              6.CODE BREAKERS


*Basic programming objective questions are asked to the participant

*Objective questions consists of simple debugging also


*Program should be developed for the given concept

*Points will be awarded based on simplicity and efficiency of code 

Important Dates:
                  2nd September 2013 all paper should be sent the respective mail ID, 

Contact Details:
The department of IT,
SSN college of Engineering,

                 More details:
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    SANUS'13 on SNS college of Engineering