Share , Learn and Earn !! - Introduction

Hello V+ Members ,
Here is a Good News to all Vidyarthiplus Members - Now you can Earn Money via our Community.
Share your content with us, we will provide you the money for contents and also get access to Attachment the Study Material shared by other Members.

We want all students to get benefits from us, so we started this Share , Learn and Earn Service.

Share - For Per Content (New Thread) you will earn Rs.2 per.

Learn -
Learn from the Shared the Study Materials

Earn - Earned Money will be send to the corresponding students every month via Mobile Recharge or Bank Transfer.

You can also Earn Extra amount based on the Repute Points :
Members can view how much they earned from their postbit (Located on Left side of every thread) or from their SLE Portal :

Payout : Minimum Rs.50 or Rs.100
Payout is processed 10th of every month.

Payout Via : Mobile Recharge or Bank Transfer.

Rules : Click Here for our General Rules.
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very nice we can donate also
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Superb Srini,. Is it Applicable to Staff also.?
For the student , by the student , to the student !!

    Share , Learn and Earn !! - Introduction