Top 5 Plagiarism Checker

I have listed 5 great sites below using which you can check the authenticity of your content :
This is the site where the content can be checked for two purposes. One is for checking the grammar and another is to check the plagiarism. Below are the steps you can follow to check your content on Grammarly :
[ul][li]When you will go to this site it will provide you a space to enter the documents[/li][/ul][Image: grammarly.png]
[ul][li]Now, paste the content into the box and  start the test by clicking Check your text and it will go through some tests. This will take few seconds.[/li][/ul][Image: grammarly2.png]
[ul][li]After the checking process is over it will display the results on left side and sign up form on right side.[/li][/ul][Image: grammarly3.png]
[ul][li]If you wish to get a 7-day trial then fill the Sign up form and proceed (and you won’t regret investing your hard earned money in Grammarly.. ) .[/li][/ul]#2:
This is free site which checks the content and they will charge for maintenance and development if you wish.
This site provides us two search methods:

[ul][li]Quick Search[/li][li]Deep Search[/li][/ul]Quick Search is free to use whereas Deep Search needs to you sign up.
[ul][li]In this you can check 25000 characters and you can choose from among three options[/li][/ul][ol][li]The web[/li][li]News[/li][li]Social networks (which is still in beta phase)[/li][/ol] 
[Image: plagium.png]
[ul][li]It also provides some advanced options where you can increase or decrease relevancy level.[/li][/ul][Image: plagium2.png]
[ul][li]Click on Quick Search, it will start searching and display the result.[/li][/ul]#3: Articlechecker
Article Checker has a compare options so that you can compare a text or a document.
It uses Google and Yahoo search engines to check.

[ul][li]User can select the search engine to compare and then click Compare to start[/li][li]In the result page, it shows the total number of matches found (if any).[/li][li]You can search again if you are not satisfied with the result.[/li][li]This site contains some Ads.[/li][/ul]#4: Copyscape
[ul][li]Copyscape is a free site which needs the permalink of the site to check who’s copying your content.[/li][li]It also provides you a Banner to add in order to keep the bad guys away from stealing your content![/li][/ul]
#5: Virante Duplicate Content
Last but not least, Virante duplicate content checker is also a free site which provides checking of Plagarism.
 [Image: virante.png]
[ul][li]User need to insert the permalink and hit Submit Your Domain button.[/li][li]It does not work with sub domains like[/li][li]Virante provide some more SEO tools too[/li][/ul]
[Image: jRHNJwz.gif]
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Thanks for giving valuable information regarding. Check Duplicate Content [/url]tool. This is really a very fast and easy online tool. I really need this type of tool for save my effort and time.