USB PC Interface Circuit Using IC FT231X

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The USB (Universal Serial Bus) port of a computer is a general interface to which any external devices can be connected. The external devices can be conventional computer input output devices like keyboard, mouse, a printer, camera etc. Additionally other hardware like projects, embedded systems and even FPGA can also be connected to the USB port, for communication with various software on the computer. 

But most microcontrollers and other embedded hardware have a conventional UART interface. But the USB port of a computer cannot be connected directly to the UART interface. Additionally any hardware connected to the USB port needs device drivers that have to be installed on the computer for the operating system to identify the external device and communicate with it accordingly.

Hence there is a need for a device that can enable communication between the UART interface of an embedded system or a FPGA and the USB port of a computer. Various ICs are available that can perform this function. The FT231X is one such IC that can perform the function of UART to USB conversion.

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    USB PC Interface Circuit Using IC FT231X