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WhatsApp new Rival - Telegram Messenger - New Social Networking App

Next to Facebook, WhatsApp is the second largest social networking app. Due to its tremendous increase in its usage, Facebook bought WhatsApp few months back. It was one of the biggest event in the web history.

WhatsApp is the king of social app now. But now a new emerging social networking app, Telegram Messenger has become the new rival for WhatsApp (of course Facebook owns WhatsApp now). It was created by Nikolav and Povel Durov brothers who were the one, who created vk.com on late 2006, which is the second largest social networking website in Europe (Facebook is No.1) till date with 100 million daily active users.
  • Telegram Messenger was created on October,2013 with one lakh daily active users and its usage among people increased tremendously that it reached to 1.5 crore active daily users on March,24,2014.
  • There are more facilities offered by Telegram Messenger than WhatsApp. It is also more secure than WhatsApp. WhatsApp is free only for one year usage. After that we need to pay for using it on our mobiles. But Telegram Messenger is entirely free for lifetime.
  • We can only send a message to 50 members of a group in WhatsApp. But, in Telegram Messenger, we can send a message to 200 members of a Group.
  • We can only share Audio, Videos and Photos on WhatsApp, but apart from the three, we can also share any media files on Telegram Messenger (unlimited storage on cloud).
  • We can only use WhatsApp on mobiles. But Telegram Messenger is available on Mobiles, Tablets, PC's running Windows and Mac OS. It has also got Website Version.
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OFFICIAL WEBISTE : https://telegram.org

Telegram Messenger is now in BETA for many platforms and then also there are huge users for it. There are many bugs associated with the app and it is corrected every day and the app is updated monthly.
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We should wait and watch whether Telegram Messenger dominates WhatsApp and will there be a company to acquire Telegram Messenger for huge money or Telegram Messenger will rule the Social World..
Comment about your views and share it as a reply to this thread..

Article by Somesh - Blogger
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Nice Article bro.. +2...
But in windows phone, we can't send documents bro.. Hope they will fix it , since its a BETA version...
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    WhatsApp new Rival - Telegram Messenger - New Social Networking App