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Full Version: Anna University U.G Syllabus
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Anna University U.G Syllabus

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  1. Anna University Chennai Syllabus - Reg 2013
    1. First and Second Semester Syllabus
    2. B.E. Civil Engineering Syllabus
    3. B.E. Environmental Engineering Syllabus
    4. B.E. Geo Informatics Engineering Syllabus
    5. B.E. Aeronautical Engineering Syllabus
    6. B.E. Automobile Engineering Syllabus
    7. B.E. Marine Engineering Syllabus
    8. B.E. Mechanical Engineering Syllabus
    9. B.E. Production Engineering Syllabus
    10. B.E. Material Science and Engineering Syllabus
    11. B.E. Manufacturing Engineering Syllabus
    12. B.E. Industrial Engineering and Management Syllabus
    13. B.E. Mechatronics Engineering Syllabus
    14. B.E. Mechanical and Automation Engineering Syllabus
    15. B.E. Industrial Engineering Syllabus
    16. B.E. Mechanical Engineering (Sandwich) Syllabus
    17. B.E. Robotics and Automation Syllabus
    18. B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Syllabus
    19. B.E. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Syllabus
    20. B.E. Instrumentation and Control Engineering Syllabus
    21. B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering Syllabus
    22. B.E. Computer Science and Engineering Syllabus
    23. B.Tech. Information Technology Syllabus
    24. B.E. Biomedical Engineering Syllabus
    25. B.E. Medical Electronics Syllabus
    26. B.E. Computer and Communication Engineering Syllabus
    27. B.Tech. Chemical Engineering Syllabus
    28. B.Tech. Biotechnology Syllabus
    29. B.Tech. Polymer Technology Syllabus
    30. B.Tech. Plastic Technology Syllabus
    31. B.Tech.Textile Technology Syllabus
    32. B.Tech. Fashion Technology Syllabus
    33. B.Tech. Petroleum Engineering Syllabus
    34. B.Tech Petroleum Technology
    35. B.Tech. Textile Chemistry Syllabus
    36. B.Tech. Chemical & Electrochemical Engineering Syllabus
    37. B.Tech. Petrochemical Technology Syllabus
    38. B.Tech. Pharmaceutical Technology Syllabus
    39. B.E. Petrochemical Engineering Syllabus
    40. B.Tech Food Technology Syllabus
    41. B. Arch. Syllabus
  2. Anna University Chennai Syllabus - Reg 2008
    1. B.E ECE Syllabus
    2. B.E EEE Syllabus
    3. B.E CSE Syllabus
    4. B.Tech IT Syllabus
    5. B.E Civil Syllabus
    6. B.E Mech Syllabus
    7. B.E. Environmental Engineering Syllabus
    8. B.E Geoinformatics Engineering Syllabus
    9. B.E Aeronautical Engineering Syllabus
    10. B.E. Automobile Engineering
    11. B.E. Marine Engineering Syllabus
    12. B.E. Production Engineering Syllabus
    13. B.E Instrumentation & Control Engineering Syllabus
    14. B.E EIE Syllabus
    15. B.E Biomedical Engineering
    16. B.E Material Science and Engineering
    17. B.E Manufacturing Engineering
    18. B.E Industrial Engineering and Management Syllabus
    19. B.E Mechatronics Engineering
    20. B.Tech Bio Technology Syllabus
    21. B.Tech Chemical Engineering
    22. B.Tech Food Technology
    23. B.E Medical Electronics Engineering
    24. B.Tech Petrochemical Technology
    25. B.Tech Petroleum Engineering
    26. B.Tech pharmaceutical Technology Syllabus
    27. B.Tech Textile Technology Syllabus
    28. B.Tech Textile Chemistry Syllabus
  3. Anna University Chennai Syllabus - Reg 2017
    1. AU R2017 First and Second Semester Syllabus
  4. Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus - Reg 2008
    1. Coimbatore B.E ECE Syllabus
    2. Coimbatore B.E EEE Syllabus
    3. Coimbatore B.E CSE Syllabus
    4. Coimbatore B.Tech IT Syllabus
    5. Coimbatore B.E Civil Syllabus
  5. Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) 2009 Syllabus
  6. Affiliated Colleges U.G R2014 (Part time) Syllabus
  7. University Departments U.G R2013 (Part time) Syllabus
  8. University Departments U.G R2012 (Full Time) Syllabus