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PH 2111-ENGINEERING PHYSICS-I Jan 2010 question paper

Common to all dept.


PART A-(10*2=20MARKS)

1.What is cavitation?

2.What is sonogram?

3.What are different methods of acheiveing population inversion?

4.Distinguish between homojunction and hetrojunction semicondutor lasers.

5.A signal of 100 mW is injected into fibre. The outcoming signal from the othe end is 40 mW.
Find the loss in dB?

6.What is meant by splicing in fibre optics?

7.Calculate the equivalent wavelength of electrons moving with velocity of 3*10^7 m/s.

8.What is Compton effect?Write an expression for the Compton wavelength.

9.For a cubic crystal draw the planes with Miller indices(110) and(001).

10.What are Frenkel Schhottky imperfections?


11.(a)(i)Explain how ultarsonic canbe produced by using magnetostriction method.(12)

(ii)Write any four applications of ultarsonic waves (4)

11.(b)In ultarsonic NDT what are the three different scan displays in common use? Explain (10+6)

12.(a)For atomic transistions, derive Einstein relations and hence deduce the expression for the ratio of stontaneous emission rate to the stimulated emission rate.


12.(b)What is holography?Describe the construction and reconstruction methods of a hologram.(4+6+6)

13.(a)(i)How are fibres classified?Explain the calssification in detail.(8)

(ii)Explain double crucible method of fibre manufacturing.(8)


13.(b)(i)Explain the construction and working of displacement and temperature
fibre optic sensors (5+5)

(ii)Explain the construction and working of fibre-optic medical endoscope.(6)

14.(a)(i)Write a note on black body radiation.

(ii)Derive Planck's law radiation.


14.(b)(i)What is the princple of electron microscopy? Compar it woth optical microscope. (4)

(ii)With schematic diagram explain the construction and working of scanning electron
micrscope. (12)

15.(a)(i)Explain the terms:atomeic radius, coordination number and packing factor.(6)

(ii)Show that the packing factor for Face Centered Cubic and Hexagonal Closed Packed stuctures are equal . (10)

15.(b)(i)What are Miller indices?Explain. (4)

(ii)Derive an expression for the interplanar spacing for(hkl) planes of a cubic

(iii)Calucate the interplanar for the spacing for(101) plane in asimple cubic crystal whose lattice constant is 0.42 nm. (2)

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