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Software project management - Important Questions - Lonely 2012 Edition

Define software project management.
Why software project management is more important?
Define project?
What is Contract management?
List out the activities covered by SPM?
What is management?
List out some problems with software projects?
How will you measures of effectiveness?
Define stake holders?
What are the different types of stake holders are avail?
What are the objectives of step wise project planning?
Draw the diagram of overview of step wise project planning?
List out some document used for documentation?
At what level the high level risks are taken place?
Difference between PFD vs PBS.
1. What are the activities covered by software project management?
2. Draw the outline table of step wise project planning?
3. Draw the overview diagram of step wise project planning?
4. Explain the various steps involved in step wise project planning?
5. Explain about Contact management.




1. What is Strategic Assessment?
What is Technical Assessment?
Differentiate between Strategic Assessment and Technical Assessment?
How do you analysis the cost benefit in project evaluation?
List out the steps involved in Cost benefit analysis?
What is the use of Cash flow forecasting.
List out the methods for comparing projects on the basis of their cash flow forecasts.
What is Net profit?
What is payback period.
Write the down the formula used to calculate Return on investment & Net present value.
Define IRR.
What is Risk Evaluation.
How will you identify risk.
What is the use for using decision tree in Risk Evaluation.
How do you ranking the risk in the project.
Discuss about Stragegic Assessment and Technical Assessment.
Explain in detail about Cost Benefit Analysis.
Explain about Cash Flow forecasting with example.
Explain in detail about Cost benefit evaluation techniques and its methods with examples.
Discuss about Risk Evaluation.



List out the objectives of activity planning.
When to plan?
At what stage the activity planning is carried out.(Mention the stages)
List out the resource requirements.
What are the ways of prioritizing the activites.
Define critical paths.
What are the factors needed for allocating a task.
Categorization of cost.
Draw the scheduling sequence.
List out the rules for constructing a networks.
Define dangle
Difference between forward and backward pass.
What are the measure of activity float.
Give a example of activity on arrow networks.
List out the rules for activity on arrow networks.
List out the types of risks
How will you managing the risks.
Define Hazards.
W hat is RISK management?
What is brainstorming?


With neat sketch explain about Sequencing and scheduling Activities.
Explain forward and backward pass with diagram.
Explain the activities on arrow networks.
Discuss about Risk management and Nature of Risk in detail.
List out the risk types and also explain in detail how will you managing the risks.
Briefly discuss about the risk planning and controlling.




Define Control.
Draw the project control cycle model
What is the use for time sheet and progress review form.
List out the ways of visualizing progress.
Difference between ball charts and slip chart.
What is the need for monitoring the cost.
Define baseline budget.
What is SV and CV.
List out the performance ratios.
What are the levels of prioritizing monitoring.
What are the request needed for proposal a document.
List out the contract types.
List out the stages in contract placement.
Define typical terms of a contract.
Name some services to be supplied for contractors.


With neat sketch explain the process of collecting the data.
Draw the frame work diagram.
Explain in detail about the visualizing progress with suitable diagrams.
Discuss about earned values.
How will you getting the project back to the target.
Discuss about Change Control.
Discuss the steps to managing the contracts.
Explain in detail about the types of contract.
Explain the stages in contract placement.
Discuss about acceptance.




What are the three objectives which taylor had?
What is x and y theory.
How will you select the right person for the job.
Define motivation.
List out the methods of improving the motivation.
List out the basics stages of development.
List out the different types of people needed for a team balance.
Name some group task.
What is structured decision making.
What is unstructured decision making.
Name some obstacles to good group decision making.
Define Leadership.
What is Stress.
Name any four selection criteria for SCM tools
Write the legal issues for project Management skills.


Explain in detail about the selecting the right person for the job.
Discuss about motivation.
Explain about the Oldham-Hackman job Characteristics model.
Briefly explain the concepts of Becoming a team.
Discuss about the Decision making.
Explain in detail about leaderships and their styles.
Discuss about the organizational structures.
Some case studies.
Discuss about health and safety.

Just Go Through the following questions also.

1. Define software project management.
2. Why software project management is more important?
3. Define system.
4. What is an activity?
5. Define method.
6. Write any five competencies of project management skills.
7. What is software engineering?
8. Write two types of processes.
9. Define technology.
10. Name five maturity levels of CMM.
11. Define process.
12. Write any two goals of organizational process focus.
13. Write any four process standards.
14. Write any two goals of organizational process definition.
15. Write the difference between project process and product process.
16. Name the six classes of product domain.
17. Name any three individual personality models.
18. What are the two kinds of stress in McFletcher Work style Patterns Inventory?
19. Mention the Leader’s style
20. Write the five processes of Project Management Institute(PMI)
21. What is milestone?
22. What is Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)?
23. What are the three project activities that are needed for WBS?
24. Write the stages of Team Formation Model.
25. Differentiate Leaders and managers26. Define charter.
27. Give some unites for measuring the size of the software.
28. Write the any two advantages of LOC.
29. What are dependencies?
30. Write the special types of relationship in dependencies
31. Define project portfolio?
32. What are the project charter contents?
33. Write the disadvantage of feature point analysis.
34. What is modified code?
35. Write the goal of software project planning?
36. Give any two examples for product attributes.
37. Write the advantages of COCOMO.
38. Define gold plating.
39. Write the three COCOMO Modes40. What is Legacy code?
41. Write the categories of cost drivers.
42. What are the characteristics of an organization?
43. Short notes on Finish- to-Start(FS) Dependency Relationship
44. What is RISK management?
45. What is brainstorming?
46. What is knowledge management?
47. How you can collect internal data and external data?
48. What is unstructured data?
49. What is structured data?
50. What are the phases in systems development life cycle (SDLC)?
51. What is ROI?
52. Write some ways to collect information for system requirements.
53. Write the goals of project management.
54. What is outsourcing?
55. Write any four competencies to define goal and scope of the software project
56. Write the characteristics of activities
57. Differentiate product view and project view
58. Name any four guiding principles for selecting a project team
59. Write any two disadvantages of using LOC
60. What is regression model?
61. Write the three levels of COCOMO.
63. Write the three models of COCOMO II.
64. Write the putnam equation
65. Give any two disadvantages of SLIM
66. Give any two advantages of SLIM.
67. Write the types of roles.
68. Characteristics of roles
69. What is Activity-on-arrow (AOA)?
70. What is Activity-on-Node (AON)?
71. Define Load Leveling.
72. Name the three forms of presenting a project schedule
73. What is Software Quality Assurance?
74. Write any three network diagram methods.
75. Define Quality?
76. Define scope?
77. What are the measures of software quality?
78. What is LOC?
79. Write the four basic requirements for an SCM System.
80.Write the legal issues in product development techniques.
81. Name the six product component classes.
82. Write any two advantages of function print analysis
83. Write the disadvantages of function point analysis
84. Give any two examples for personnel attributes.
85. Give any two examples for Computer attributes
86. Name any two external dependencies.
87. What is start-to-start relationship(SS)
88. What are the uses of Nominal group techniques?
89. Difference between earliest start and earliest finish.
90. What are three kinds of interfaces?
91. What is Critical path?
92. What are the Managerial activities?
93. What are the types of process communication model?
94. Difference b/w personal and organizational stress.
95. Define tort.
96. Name any four selection criteria for SCM tools
97. Write the legal issues for project Management skills.


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