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Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
At Present, Vidyarthiplus Delivers all the product Online. Once you purchased our product, the File download link will be send to your registered Email ID. You can download the files only 3 times.
Privacy & Security
We respect your Privacy. Buyer and Seller information are stored in our Database, but none of the details will be displayed on the website and we promise we won;t sell or provide the information, untill request by the Government.
Returns & Replacements
No Return ! and No Replacements ! Once the Product is purchased, the Files will be delivered to you immedidately. Since its a Digital Product there is no chance of damage. If you not received the Product, contact our Team, we will verify the issue and send the files again. All Study Materials are compressed in such a way easy to download and Good for Reading. Since the Files are compressed , during Printing the Quality may slighty vary. If you wish to print please contact our Team to get the High Quality. High Qaulity Files will be higher in size and price will be little high than the normal quality. (High Quality materials availablity is based on Seller or Editor provided materials)
You can Order as much as Files you want. We will deliver all Files immedidately, once the Payment is Confirmed.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Price for the Product is determined based on the Pages and Handwritting. Each Product will have different Prices. Payment must be made Online. We accept Payment through Debit Card / Credit Card and Netbanking.
Viewing Orders
Once your Order is completed, you can view the Files and no. of download left in your Account. Here is the Link to view it : https://www.vidyarthiplus.com/shop/customer/account
Updating Account Information
You can Update your Account Information at any time. We are respect your privacy, if you feel any of your Account Information need to be deleted , feel free to contact us, we will delete it from our database.