080180064 Total Quality Management May June 2014 Question Paper

Question Paper Code : 11474 
Fifth/Seventh Semester 
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
080180064/080550001 — TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT 
(Common to Aeronautical Engineering and Fashion Technology) 
Time : Three hours 
(Regulation 2008) 

Maximum : 100 marks 
Answer ALL questions. 
PART A — (10 x 2 - 20 marks) 
1.What is the need for finding the quality costs? 
2.What are the characteristics of a quality council? 
3.Mention the importance of customer complaints. 
4.What are the benefits of supplier partnering? 
5.Define 'Median'. 
6.Define 'Process capability'. 
7.What is benchmarking? 
8.Define 'Taguchi's quality loss function'. 
9.What is the need for standardization? 
10.What are the types of audit? 

Full Name :Arumugam.P
College Name :SNS College of Technology
Department :EEE
Semester :07
Subject Code :080180064
Subject Name :Total Quality Management
Study Material Description :aaru edition 2014 QP

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    080180064 Total Quality Management May June 2014 Question Paper