080280074 Disaster Management May June 2014 Question Paper

Question Paper Code : 11479 
Seventh Semester 
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

Time : Three hours 
(Regulation 2008) 
Maximum : 100 marks 
Answer ALL questions. 
PART A x 2 20 marks) 
1.Differentiate between hazard and risk. 
2.What are the agencies involved in the disaster management? 
3.What are the applications of remote sensing in diSaster reduction? 
4.How are the advanced technologies useful in disaster management? 
5.How is HAM radio useful during a disaster? 
6.Who are the people listed in the disaster reduction committee at a district level ?
7.What are the areas of improvement considered in disaster management? 
8.What are the emergency planning needs to be adopted? 
9.How is tsunami generated? 
10.What are. the steps to be taken by the residents during an earthquake in a residential building? 

Full Name :Arumugam.P
College Name :SNS College of Technology
Department :EEE
Semester :07
Subject Code :080280074
Subject Name : Disaster Management
Study Material Description :aaru edition 2014 QP

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    080280074 Disaster Management May June 2014 Question Paper