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Tamil Nadu is seeking doctors, healthcare workers, general public and build a network of community volunteers to come together, help, support and respond to some of the upcoming challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Tamilnadu Government looking for Volunteers to fight COVID19 under three categories:
- Doctors
- Health Worker (categories attached below)
- Public (categories attached below)

Other Categories:
1. Call center
2. Contact Tracing
3. Cooking food
4. IEC Development 
5. Queue Management 
6. Sanitation and Disinfection 
7. Transportation 
8. Web/Mobile application Developer
9. Other

1.Why should I register as a volunteer?
The Government of Tamil Nadu welcomes and respects all the volunteers to contain COVID -19 Pandemic along with us on a war foot basis. In this situation the Government is seeking a network of community volunteers to come together to help, support and respond to some of the upcoming challenges by providing local area contribution.

2.When will I be called for work?
COVID19 is a pandemic disease.The volunteering efforts in this scenario is not like volunteering during situations like flood or other natural disasters. Here,your efforts will be used judiciously in areas of specific requirements only,as per applicable precaution protocols against COVID19.
i. The first part of this effort is to identify the all the volunteers.
ii. The services of volunteers will be used for field works only on need basis and at crisis situations.
iii. You will be intimated and called for work when there is a necessity in your district.
iv. Hence,dear volunteers,stay put and stay vigilant for now.Wait patiently for our call.
v. In the meantime,you can help us in spreading authentic information issued at this Telegram Channel –
TN_Together_AgainstCorona and Twitter page @NHM_TN ,to all your WhatsApp and social media groups.

3.If I am a public, which are the areas I can work?
If you are from general public, you can login at and choos the intended areas of contribution from the following Call centre,Contact tracing, Cooking food,IEC Development,Queue management,Sanitation and disinfection,Transportation,Web or App development and others

4.If I am a Doctor, which are the areas I can serve?
If you are a doctor,you can login at and choose your field of specialisation.

5.If I am a paramedical staff which are the areas I can serve?
If you are a paramedical staff you can login at and choose other health staff category and choose your field of specialisation

6.Can I contribute something from home?
If you are at home, you can use the social media effectively. You can use our twitterhandle @NHM_TN and share the updates in your social

7.If I am an Organisation how can I volunteer?
In case you are an organisation you can decide the number of volunteers you can mobilise and register yourself as an organisation in the ‘Volunteer Registration link.

8.Since total curfew is enforced in the state what will I do for transport in case I am chosen as a volunteer?
In case you are chosen as a volunteer you will be given prior intimation and transportation will be arranged/ facilitated by the Government.

9.Will I be provided Personal Protective Equipment?
Yes,you will be provided Personal Protective Equipment, based on where your services are needed.

10. What should I do in case I want to donate food and other essential things to needy?
You can register yourself as a donor in the sponsors registration link in the website.

If you are ready to volunteer to support Government of Tamil Nadu in this difficult time, Please Register Yourself in the below link.

Registration Link
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    COVID 19 - Tamilnadu Government looking for Volunteers - Register Online