EE2201 Measurements and Instrumentation May June 2014 Question Paper


Anna University


(Regulation 2008)

Subject Code : EE2201

Subject Name : Measurements and Instrumentation 

Type : Question Paper

Syllabus Regulation : 2008

Attachment Type : pdf

Details : EE2201 Measurements and Instrumentation   Question Paper

Given by :Arumugam.P

Question Paper Code : 51431 


Third Semester 

Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

EE 2201/EE 33/E1 1202/080280016/10133 EE 302 — MEASUREMENTS AND INSTRUMENTATION 

(Regulation 2008/2010) 

(Common to PTEE 2201 — Measurements and Instrumentation for B.E. (Part-Time) 

Third Semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering — Regulation 2009) 

Time : Three hours 

Maximum : 100 marks 

Answer ALL questions. 

PART A — (10 x 2 20 marks) 

1.Define measuring lag and fidelity of dynamic characteristics of instrument. 

2.Give the international standards of instruments. 

3.How are basic instruments converted into higher range ammeter? 

4.Define creeping in energy meter. 

5.With a neat circuit diagram, write the balanced equation of Wheatstone bridge. 

6.Draw the circuit diagram write the expression for unknown inductance and its resistance of Anderson's bridge.

7. What is LED? 

8.What is the principle of working of Dot Matrik display? 

9.Define primary type of transducer. 
10.What is the principle of operation of optical transducer? 

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